Spray Metal Couplings are tough to remove, they’re hard to grip, and removal by hand can be dangerous. Pipe wrenches, snipes and 2 people are a recipe for injury. We’ve recently completed the build and testing of our Prototype Hydraulic Friction Wrench Sucker Rod Coupling Breaker. We do not believe that this system replaces our existing Coupling Breaker units, exisiting units remove both T couplings and spray metal, the difference being the main mechanism that grips the couplings. Our first generation model is slightly faster, and utilizes universal dies for T couplings ranging in size from 5/8″ to 1-1/8″ and relies on a wedging action and this new design while slightly slower reduces the point loading on the coupling and dramatically reduces the potential to mark the coupling.

The hydraulic friction wrench will complement our CD Rod Tong™ as well and replace the exisiting cam clamp style.

Examples of Spray Metal Sucker Rod Coupling Removal

Sucker Rod Coupling Removal tool