Project Description


Are you looking to bring your fleet data to your C-suite? Make Data-Driven Organizational Decisions to help reach your organizational goals.

Today’s world revolves around safety, efficiencies, and optimizing processes to drive the most out of operations. With the ART-CanDAS our customers can customize our application to meet specific fleet needs, collect operational data, identify efficiencies, increase maintenance intervals, and ensure your fleet is meeting your operational KPIs.

ART-CanDAS can:

  • Add Control & Interlocks to your current system
  • Collect system data & send data offsite (Cloud Servers, Org Servers, etc)
  • Trigger emails/texts based on system conditions
  • Real-time mobile & browser dashboards
  • Calculate onsite processes limitations
  • Be customized to your operations
  • Interface with 3rd party services

ART-CanDAS allows 3rd party access to the cloud server data and analysis engine that trends the operational lifecycle of your units. Customers securely access their own data and can download and analyze via their own software which allows clients to optimize their organizational decisions based on Data Driven Plans.

Example Applications

  • Snubbing Jacks/HCU’s
  • Coil Tubing Units
  • Flushby Rigs
  • Rod Rigs
  • TMX Units
  • Cementers
  • All other Oilfield equipment (both in plant/factory and in the field)

We utilize the ART-CanDAS platform is integrated into:

The Jointed Pipe Injector System. We monitor the process as well as machine wear, life, and predict and prevent premature failure of critical equipment. This ensures your systems are able to stay online and generating your business revenue. These Data-Driven Organizational Decisions increase the time between PM schedules, reducing downtime, and increasing confidence in the equipment.

The CD Rod Tong Systems utilize the ART-CanDAS backbone to create makeup and breakout reports for our CD Rod Tong clients. The system is an end to end solution that records the connections made up on a job. The system notifies the user in real-time if the connection was properly made up, and finally stores and offloads the data that generates a post-job report confirming the correct makeup of the rod string.

Automated Rig can work with your team directly to build out a Data Acquisition System on the ART-CanDAS platform that allows your office to make Data-Driven Organizational Decisions to propel your business forward.