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Fireblade Welder

The Fireblade Welder is the industries leading continuous rod fusion welder, highly reliable & mobile the unit can be truck or trailer mounted and utilizes patented fusion welding technology which not only provides a superior weld but is easy to use and maintain. When properly maintained the unit can last well over 10 years. These features combine to allow coiled rod service companies to work longer and more effectively when repairing damaged rod sections or building new rod strings in the field or in a distribution yard located in the field.

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Our standard Fireblade Welder Package Features:

  • Easily mounts in the bed of your pickup
  • Highly mobile welding rig trailers available
  • Slides out and is at a comfortable working height
  • Self-contained

We can offer a variety of options above and beyond the standard Fireblade Welder pickup truck mounting arrangement:

  • Mounted on a trailer
  • Mounted on a skid with lifting lugs
  • Mounted directly to your TMX®

We also offer in-plant welding packages that are hydraulically driven and designed with high service factors for your production plant needs.

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