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Fireblade® Welder

Many field electric welding systems are large, heavy, require constant maintenance to keep running and very capital intensive. Automated Rig Technologies FIREBLADE® welder utilizes patented oxy-acetylene technology that not only provides a superior weld but is easy to use and maintain. These features combine to allow coiled rod service companies to work longer and more effectively when cutting coiled rod to fit a well’s needs.  Contact us today to experience service that is second to none!

Our standard Fireblade® Welder Package Features:

  • Easily mounts in the bed of your pickup
  • Highly mobile
  • Slides out and is at a comfortable working height
  • Self contained

We can offer a variety of options above and beyond the standard pickup truck mounting arrangement:

  • Mounted on a trailer
  • Mounted on a skid with lifting lugs
  • Mounted directly to your TMX®

We can meet all customer requirements, contact us today to discuss options!