Project Description

RPSRX® Brochure

RPSRX 100,000 lb Heavy Flushby

​The “Heavy” Flushby rapid service rig retains all the benefits of a typical Flushby with the added ability to handle Tubing along with a higher hook load (100,000 lbs). This freestanding design allows operators the ability to rig up and down quickly and has the option of handling continuous rod with our new and improved X-450 X-celerator.

Specialty Tools

The “Heavy” Flushby has been designed to tackle both Conventional Rod and Continuous Rod. Compared to conventional service rigs the “Heavy” Flushby is much faster transitioning from running rods to running tubing.

X-450 X-celerator
Our open faced X-450 X-celerator® gives operators the convenience of the open face and pull capacity of our largest Gripper with 50,000 lbs of pull at 100 feet per minute.

CD Sucker Rod Tong
The industries ONLY Circumferential ​Displacement tong that hits the operator set CD every time. Published data shows high failure rates from improperly made up connections. The CD Sucker Rod Tong shoulders the connection and seamlessly transitions to a linear actuator to make up the connection to a mechanical stop that is set by the operator-dependent on Rod Specifications.

The optional remotely operated catwalk enables operators and crews to handle a high volume of tubulars. This keeps tubing off the ground and at a proper working height for inspection and cleaning prior to re-entry. The catwalk is fitted with a 5th wheel hitch and does not require a permit to move on North American roads.