Project Description

Hydraulic Power Units

With 40+ years of experience in hydraulic design and installation, ARTL delivers reliable systems with serviceability and maintenance in mind for long term machine operation. We are trusted by some of the largest in the business building hydraulic power units up to 5000hp! From the cold weather in Canada to the blazing heat of Oman, your drilling rig hydraulic equipment will always perform at optimum levels.

Did you know your machinery is a living test bench? Automated Rig has developed a Remote Predictive Diagnostic Analysis System (RPDAS) that allows you to continually monitor your hydraulic machinery and predict and prevent failures of your mission-critical hydraulic systems days and weeks in advance. RPDAS alerts via text or email and informs supervisors of the hydraulic system condition. If you have mission-critical hydraulic systems reach out below.

We custom build tanks, skids, and piping to comply with any requirement. Contact us today to discuss your application!