Project Description


Halve the time you spend making casing connections………

With the Offline Casing Stand Builder, your rig will cut casing running time nearly in half! This simple addition to the Automated Rig Technologies Triple Catwalk (pictured below) will enable you to make up double stands of the casing and deliver them to the drill floor.

The Triples Catwalk is the central piece of equipment for Offline Casing Stand Building and is able to present double stands of the casing to the rig floor for handoff to the top drive. The ARTL catwalk is capable of handling Range III casing and drill pipe in singles or doubles and Range II drill collars and drill pipe in singles, doubles, or triples. The weight capacity is 10,000 lbs (4,540 kg).

The Range II casing is pre-assembled in doubles using a skid-mounted bucking unit. Bucking units may be customer specified to suit their own needs with size ranges from 2 3/8″ (60.3 mm) to 21 1/2″ (546.1 mm) and torque ranges up to 105,000 ft-lb (142,000 N-m). The bucking unit skid incorporates pipe handling equipment that will allow it to take casing from customer supplied racks as singles and move the double joints onto storage racks next to the catwalk.  ~Patent Pending

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