Project Description

Racking Board Pipe Handling

We have extensive experience with the design of racking board pipe handling systems. Our group developed the Iron Derrickman®, now a Weatherford Product.


  • Designed for easy installation into the Double or Triple masts of land and
    off-shore rigs.
  • Attached to or built as part of the racking board, the system is compact, light weight and simple to rig-up/down. The manipulator will stay in the board during rig moves.
  • This system eliminates the need for wind walls on the racking board.
  • Removes the necessity for the Derrickman to climb the mast to make connections in pad, directional and under-balanced drilling operations.
  • The system is operated from the rig floor through a portable radio control or via a hard wired panel.
  • Keeping the Derrickman and other rig personnel out of harms way, addresses one of the major safety concerns on a drilling rig.
  • Remote pipe retention system ensures pipe stays where the operator places it.

This system utilizes an intuitive user interface that allows operators to begin operating this machine in minimal time. After one shift an operator will be racking pipe as fast or faster than a person in the board.