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Automated Well Completion Unit

The most economical automated well completion unit in the industry

Over the past 10 years, Well Designs have become more deviated and more complicated to service and to complete. The industry must seek new methods to complete, service, and workover these long lateral wells safely, efficiently, and with a low carbon footprint. We look to automation to solve some of these challenges however we need to reassess the mechanical platforms that deliver these solutions. An automated well completion unit that incorporates our Patent Pending Jointed Pipe Injector System, addresses these issues. An Automated Well Completion Unit is 30% Faster than Traditional Jacking Systems, as such we are able to Reduce Onsite Emissions by up to 30%. Completing wells with Jointed Pipe rather than Coil Tubing allows us to help operators reach further into extended reach lateral wells without the worry of buckling tubing and providing better well cleanouts.

Are you interested in ESG Solutions for your fleet? Check out this short article showing how integrating the Jointed Pipe Injector System can reduce your costs, reduce your risk, and reduce your emissions.

Keep constant control of your Drill Pipe/Tubing!

Transport, Deploy, and Move Well to Well FAST!

Unlimited Reach Drill Outs & Clean Outs!

Removes operators from harm’s way allowing them to operate the complete system from a control chair much like the latest coil tubing control centers. The ART-CanDAS system presents all relevant process data to the operator as well as passing that data offsite to the office, this allows our clients the ability to plan preventive maintenance, predict, plan, and schedule repairs and service before they cause downtime. Having a complete vision into your fleet assets allows our clients to maintain the highest reliability, key performance indicators on post job reports and the ability to move beyond their competition.