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X-celerator® Continuous Rod Injector

The X-CELERATOR® injector head is the most popular continuous rod injector worldwide for your rod lift installations. With over 220 units in the field worldwide these injectors work in the most difficult oilfields in the world. X-CELERATOR® injector heads are the lightest units per pound of pull bar none! That means that transportation and handling are easier, it means that your equipment is more efficient and it means that your fleet will have a lower environmental impact. Capable of reaching installation speeds of up to 120 feet per minute, the X-CELERATOR® enables coiled rod operators to achieve rod installation speeds faster than any other piece of equipment or method on the market.

Automated Rig Technologies purchased the C TECH product line in 2015 from the Dover Corporation, since then Automated Rig has increased the pulling capacity of the injectors twice. The first round of upgrades included new gripper chains. These new gripper chains are a 2 piece design, this allows us to harden the carriers to increase chain life while keeping the gripper blocks themselves softer than the rod our injectors install. Typically, continuous rod ranges from 28-36 Rockwell, our cast steel gripper blocks are softer than the rod (<25 Rockwell), increase the fiction factor (when compared with the original aluminum blocks), and are able to be profiled for specialty rods if required. This innovation boosted the X-250 Continuous Rod Injector head from 25,000 lbs to 30,000 lbs of pull.

The latest innovation will increase the pulling capacity of the X-250+ and the X-350+ injectors by a staggering 33%! This means 40,000 lbs and 65,000 lbs respectively. All while maintaining the lightest units per pound of pull, this upgrade is available to field units and will be rolled out on all new units moving forward.

Automated Rig Technologies is in the business of Advancing Industry Though Innovation. Do you have a specialty application for a Continuous Rod Injector you’d like to discuss? We offer custom engineered solutions for all of our products and look forward to helping you find the right solution.

Our experienced mechanical, hydraulic, and electrical staff install, commission, and support your equipment 24 hours a day 365 days a year! Contact us today to experience a service that is second to none!

Specification X-250 X-350 X-450 X-300
MAX PULL (LBS) 30,000 50,000 50,000 16,000
MAX SPEED (FT/MIN) 120 120 120 80
HYDRAULIC SYSTEM Closed Loop Closed Loop Closed Loop Open Loop