A Flushby or Rapid Sevice Rig (RSR®) unit is a highly mobile, lightweight, and self-contained well servicing tool. A Flushby consist of a fluid tank (in Canada this is a TC406 crude tank), a triplex pump, a derrick (50,000-100,000 lb), blocks, and associated rod handling tools. The rig up times can be as fast as 15 minutes:

  • Driving on location
  • Spotting the unit
  • Leveling the unit
  • Raising the mast

Flushby units combine the functionality of a pressure truck and a rod rig. We build units that operate all over the world, from the deserts of Oman, and the Australian Outback, to the harsh winters in Canada. A Flushby is self-contained meaning there are no guy wires or base beams. Larger units like our RSRX® and RPSRX® can be outfitted with the ability to pull tubing however these units do not rack the tubing in the board. Many in field service jobs for a flushby unit can be completed in a matter of hours allowing operators to service multiple wells in one day. Operator crews tend to have 2-3 people on site thus reducing risk, and costs. Due to the lack of base beams and external guy wires these units rig up in as little as 15 minute which allows them to bring wells back online much quicker than conventional service rigs.

In 2015 we purchased C-TECH Design & Manufacturing from the Dover Corporation and added the Flushby to our product line. Now, we service, build, and support these units all over the world.

If you’re interested in how flushby’s can help out your operation, check out the SPE paper writen by some of the engineers at the Kuwait Oil Company and “Flush by Unit: A Game Changer Well Service Technology for Kuwait Heavy Oil”.

Examples of Different Flushby’s from around the world

Heavy Flushby