Continuous Rod is a length of sucker rod that has been built at a continuous rod plant or distribution facility and has a pin end installed on each end of the rod and then coiled onto a reel. There are a number of Continuous Rod Manufacturers in North America:

This rod string can be various lengths up to and beyond 10,000 feet. The rod arrives in small (approx 4′) coils where it is treated to a process of straightening, heat treating, and quenching. Once the rod passes through the plant it will no longer be in yield, the rod spools onto large diameter reels ready to be cut to size. A rod shear which is in the production line can hydraulically shear the rod if required. Once a bulk amount of rod is ready for pin ends the rod is pulled through a different line which has a Fireblade® Welder and will fusion weld the pin and the rod (or rod to rod if a tapered string is required). Once the rod is built to length it is spooled onto a Transportation Reel and awaits a reel trailer. Some companies will transport bulk rod to facilities closer to the field and attach pin ends in the field or in distribution facility utitilizing their Fireblade® Welders.

The new rod string is shipped to a well and can be spooled off on to a service reel on location (if a rig is not there) or it can be spooled off the trailer directly into the rod guide and through the X-celerator® Unit (Continuous Rod Injector). X-celerator® Units can be installed in Service Rigs, Flushby’s (RSRX®), and can be mounted on a Truck Mounted X-celerator Unit or TMX® and run into or out of the well. For questions about your continuous rod running equipment contact us today!

Examples of Different Flushby’s from around the world

A TMX UNIT WITH A SERVICE RIGA Flushby with a continuous rod injector