Product Upgrade Announcement:

We are excited to announce the X-250+ X-celerator Upgrade, all continuous rod injectors moving forward will be built to these new standards. Automated Rig has generated a “Kit” for the existing X-250 fleet in the field to increase the pulling capacity from 30,000 lbs to 40,000 lbs! That is a 33% increase in pull capacity while maintaining the smallest form factor in the industry.

The most popular continuous rod injector in the industry is now able to bring your fleet to areas previously beyond its capacity. There have been a number of innovations over the past few years that have lead to this option. The first big change occurred over 4 years ago with the development of the Steel Gripper blocks, these blocks have a higher coefficient of friction compared to the original Aluminum blocks. The material selection was an important step in this process, it was important to maintain a block that would stand up to the harsh environment while maintaining the best quality rod installation. That resulted in a material that was softer than the softest continuous rod on the market <25 Hrc whereas the softest rod on the market is approx 28 Hrc. There are blocks in the industry that are beyond 55 Hrc and with too much squeeze pressure have the ability to damage the rod. The Steel Block upgrade increased the working life of our client’s blocks by years.

With thorough testing, we were able to increase the pulling capacity of the original X-250 from 25,000 to 30,000 lbs with this chain upgrade. This increase allowed our clients to increase their pulling capacity by 20%, with this latest upgrade we’re now increasing that capacity and an additional 33% to 40,000 lbs! This means a lot to our clients. For a fraction of the cost of a new injector, our clients are now able to service deeper wells, increase their competitiveness, and potentially gain additional clients with this upgrade kit.

The kit is much less costly than other upgrade options in the field.

Continous Rod Equipment in South America

X-250 X-celerator Upgrade