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CD Tong Brochure
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(Circumferential Displacement Sucker Rod Tong)

One continuous movement spinning to shoulder and then continuing to a mechanical set point stop that is circumferential displacement! Every time. Replaces existing floor sucker rod tongs. Works with any service or workover rig hydraulic system. No electrical required. Current tongs were never designed to stop at the shoulder, recognize the shoulder or move to any predetermined position beyond the shoulder. They were mechanically engineered to deliver speed and approximate torque. The Automated Rig Technologies CD Rod Tong has been designed to spin to the shoulder and once the shoulder has been reached the tong seamlessly transitions to move a set distance (CD) that is operator adjustable. This tong will make up single or double connections and is fully mechanical, meaning there are no electronics on the tong. This leads to quicker and easier field maintenance and repairs. Optional electronic monitoring and data acquisition can be installed however are not critical to the operation of the tong.

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Price Competitive with Existing Mechanical (non-CD) Industry Tongs​

  • Unaffected by Variations in Hydraulic System Temperature, Viscosity
  • Can be Fully Instrumented to Confirm and Data Log CD Achievement
  • Easily Operable by Standard Rig Crews
  • Integrates the Reversible Tong Jaw design with a quick and safe mechanical toggle
  • Designed in compliance with API 7K
  • Operators Latch 2 levers to set the correct CD based on rod size.
  • Depending on your rod requirements other scales available
  • Three Lever Operation – quick and easy
  • Works with any Rig Hydraulic System
  • 5 GPM @ 2000 PSI
  • Replaces existing pressure controlled sucker rod tongs