Automated Rig Technologies Ltd.

Automated Rig Technologies Ltd. is an industry leader and innovator in the Land Based Drilling & Well Servicing Markets. We are proud to be on the leading edge of next-generation technology for enhanced oil recovery. We work with clients that are innovative, motivated, and focused on the improvement of the industry.

JPI – The Future of Well Completions

The JPI is a lynchpin technology that paves the way for the Well Completions and Intervention Industries. The JPI’s innovation allows the future of well completions to connect to the workforce of the future. Reduce GHG Emissions, Reduce time onsite, and reduce the manpower required to complete today’s complicated wellbores, the JPI enhances your fleet. Learn more here.

Well Service Equipment

Automated Rig focuses on providing equipment that ensures the highest quality Artificial Lift installations in the industry. We provide equipment to properly install conventional sucker rod and continuous sucker rod. Each with a unique installation challenge, the conventional rod should be made up to Circumferential Displacement (CD) and NOT torque, while the continuous rod must be handled correctly to ensure it is not damaged when running in or out. We’re able to do this through our continued mission to Advance Industry through Innovation. Find out more here.

Drilling Equipment

Automated Rig Technologies’s roots head back to the early eighties with Drill Systems, into the ’90s with Mainline Hydraulics/Tesco Corporation, into the 2000s with Hydraulic Analysis Ltd and Iron Derrickman, and now with Automated Rig Technologies through the 2010s and beyond. Automated Rig is the best-kept secret behind many industry innovations. We are the premier solution provider for land-based drilling companies and utilize our 4 technical pillars, Hydraulic Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Software Engineering, and Electrical Engineering. Through our operational experience, we’re able to bring each technical discipline’s best practices to the land-based drilling industry. Click here to learn more.