Project Description

Drill Floor Manipulator Arm

Manipulator Arm 
Automated Rig Technologies Ltd. Floor Manipulator Pipe Arm (FMPA) offers a unique solution to tail the pipe to and from well center, setback, and the V-door while helping to increase site safety by removing the physical human handling traditionally done by a Floor-hand during oilfield operations. This system is engineered to work either in conjunction with a racking board pipe handler/manipulator or with a conventional racking board and Derrickhand setup.  The flexible design of the FMPA is configured to be mouse-hole or floor mounted and can be modified to operate in most triple drilling rig arrangements.

Pipe Handling – Ability for tailing up to 9″ drill collars to and from well center, setback, and v-door.
Mounting Mousehole inserted, Hydraulically wedged stump or floor embedded mounting plate for new construction applications.
Operation – Hydraulic manual proportional valves (20 US GPM @ 3000 psi)

Safety – Improvement in safety can be realized as the Manipulator Arm allows for the removal of the Floorhand from the pipe tailing process.
Flexibility – Tailored to fit most triple drilling rig applications.
User Operated – Allows for real-time correction by the operator during operation to avoid troubleshooting that could occur with a fully automated system.

Control – Optional electric over hydraulic proportional

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Drill Floor Manipulator Arm