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RSRX Flushby

Automated Rig Technologies designs, manufactures, and supports RSRX Flushby with X-celerator® units for the world’s continuous rod regions. Built to exacting standards that consider regional requirements and guarantee a product that lasts whether you’re operating in Canada’s Winters or the Summers of Oman.  We offer RSRX Flushby Units that offer the pulling force you need without compromising the vehicle weight you require. Our masts are structurally engineered by Qualified 3rd party professionals and certified for hook loads up to 75,000 lbs. Designed for either slant or conventional operation, a variety of tank and pump options are available.

Maintenance and servicing are taken into consideration in the unit’s design and layout. Critical components are accessible to aid in quick replacement or repair. The hydraulic system has been optimized to reduce heat and increase performance. Our fabrication facility houses a pull stump and a 500′ test well that allows us to commission the equipment with clients as well as train our clients offline in a safe environment.


  • Interventions
  • Killing wells
  • Flushing producing wells
  • Replacing wellhead valves
  • Replacing drive heads
  • Replacing stuffing boxes
  • Replacing polish rods
  • Pressure testing wells